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Grooming Services

We offer a full range of dog bathing, grooming and clipping services.

All dogs are first washed in a hydrobath. This has a warm high pressure (but gentle) wash to part the hair and clean right down to the skin.
The professional shampoo is then rinsed off with fresh warm water.
We use a chamois to semi dry your dog followed by a professional air dryer with warm (not hot) air.


The dogs are clipped to your requirements, brushed and shaped.
Nails are trimmed, ears are cleaned and finally some cologne applied to make them smell really nice.

Prices for grooming includes all of the above services and are listed in the shop.

Typical Grooming range from Maltese/Shih-Tzu at $65 through to very large long hair dogs at a higher charge.

Baths only are from $17 for small dogs to $47 per hour for large or long haired dogs.

Extra Services available (no appointment necessary)

Nails trimmed
Teeth brushed

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